Individual Cities Introduction

As you saw in the overview, the prices for land and homes in Costa Rica is quite subjective from one type of setting to the next and, even more so, from one particular city to another.  So, we’ve taken that a step further and broken down those costs among 19 of the most popular destinations in Costa Rica.

What Information Will I Find for Each City?

In the following chapters you’ll find a description of each city, as some may be ones you aren’t familiar with or haven’t already considered in your search for your tropical paradise.

For each city, you’ll find median prices for homes, condos, land, etc.  For homes, you can also see how that price breaks down per bedroom, since homes in Costa Rica can vary greatly in size.

You can also find information such as how many total listings we found in each category.

Oh, and since we have written articles and recorded podcasts about a lot of these locations, we added links to those where available.

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