Dominical, Costa Rica

Dominical is an up-and-coming beach town that’s conveniently located on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica, along the newly paved South Pacific Highway.  Popular with surfers and nature lovers, this town is seeing a big surge in newcomers thanks to its improved access.

The towering cliffs that line the coast allow for the rare opportunity to live in a dense jungle overlooking the beautiful blue water below.  Ecotourism and a number of water sports, like fishing and snorkeling, abound.

The town of Dominical has decent amenities and is consistently adding more.  There’s a bank, a doctor’s office, a few internet cafes, and other necessities.  It’s still quaint, though, with mostly dirt roads and no major chains to sully its rustic vibe.

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Here you can see the total inventory that’s currently available in Dominical in each of the major categories.  There’s quite a bit of real estate for sale in Dominical.

Median Prices by Property Type

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The chart above shows what you might expect to pay for a typical home, condo, or lot in Dominical.  This is the median price, so half the listings in Dominical are lower; the other half is higher.  Just as prices go up for homes with jaw-dropping views or immaculate construction, they also go down if you move back a little further from the shore or subtract a bedroom.

Median Home Prices & Price per Bedroom

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Homes in Dominical range anywhere from single-bedroom condos all the way up to 10+ bedroom mansions.  Here’s a breakdown of the median price per bedroom, so just do the math to see what you might need to shell out for the size of the home you’re seeking.

Land Price Per Acre: Large Parcels

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Interest in Dominical has increased considerably over the last decade, and as a result several developers–ourselves included–are in the process of undertaking some pretty major developments in the area.

As a result, land in Dominical is hot right now.

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Land Price Per Acre: Lots

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As you saw above, there are plenty of homes for sale in Dominical right now.  Some are updated and modern.  Others could benefit from some much-needed renovations.  You might find an impressive home with a less than remarkable view or one at a great price that just doesn’t fit your vision for your tropical paradise.

One way that you can never go wrong is by choosing the lot that offers the view and location you desire and then building a home to your exact specifications.  Above you can see the median listing price for lots in Dominical.

Real Estate in Dominical, Costa Rica

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Single Family Home
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3.0 bath
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Dominical, Costa Rica Latitude: 9.29520
Longitude: -83.87024
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