Homes in Costa Rica

This section gives an overview of the median home price for properties of all types (single family homes, condominiums, farms, etc.) in the most popular cities in Costa Rica.  To allow for more of an apples to apples comparison, we’ve separated them according to beach vs. mountain destinations.

Home Prices at the Beach

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Costa Rica has some of the most beautiful coastal communities you’ll find anywhere, each with its own distinct appeal.  There are towns to accommodate everyone from backpacking surfers to young families with children.

There are also property listings to suit almost every budget.  You’ll notice there’s quite a wide range between the city with the most expensive median home price, Conchal, and that with the lowest, Parrita.

You should also be aware that, while the property listings included in this category are all located in beach towns, they aren’t necessarily beachfront.  As you can imagine, home prices only increase the closer you get to Costa Rica’s remarkable coastline. 

Home Prices in the Mountains

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Just as beach lovers can be assured of finding a home that fits within their price range, likewise the mountain towns of Costa Rica offer a wide selection of price points.  Homes in Grecia come in at the lowest price, with properties in highly coveted Belen Ana averaging considerably more.

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