Chapter 1: Costa Rica Market Overview

We love Costa Rica.  For a number of reasons.  For starters, it’s breathtaking.  From the lush mountains with their sweeping panoramic views to the pristine beaches and their amazing sunsets.

And then there’s the level of value and amenities that Costa Rica delivers, something that’s unrivaled by any of its tropical neighbors.  Top notch infrastructure that’s evolved from decades of expat influence.  A culture of healthy and active living that’s shared by locals and foreigners alike.

We also love Costa Rica real estate.  While not the cheapest in the region, for the aforementioned reasons, buying property in Costa Rica is just a smart decision.  There are options to suit any tastes and fit every budget.

So, whether you’re looking for a small condo in a bustling city, a sprawling ranch in the rolling hills, or a cozy beach bungalow, here’s an idea of the going rate for exactly what you’re seeking.

Prices by Property Type

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While most of what you’ll find for sale on the Costa Rica real estate market is single family homes, there are plenty of other housing options available. Above you’ll see a representation of the median price for dwellings in each category.

Median Home Price in Costa Rica

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Another thing to consider when pricing homes in Costa Rica is that location plays a big role in determining the cost of homes in a particular area.  As you might imagine, mountain homes are the least expensive.  Properties in the city, as well as in Costa Rica’s many beach towns, are considerably more on average.

However, keep in mind that there’s still a wide range of home prices in each of these categories.  You should also consider that factors like the quality of the mountain view and the proximity to the beach itself also contribute heavily to the price of a particular property.

The orange line in the above chart, and the ones that follow, represents the total number of listings we examined in each category.

Land Price Per Acre: Smaller Lots

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Costa Rica also has much to offer in the way of vacant land for you to build your dream home or even just hold onto as an investment.  It’s never been easier or cheaper to find quality labor and access to building supplies in Costa Rica, so building is a great option right now.

Understandably where the population is most dense, in the cities and the more established coastal communities, land is a bit harder to come by and, consequently,  demands a higher premium. However, if you’re willing to step a short distance outside of your target area, there are often much bigger bargains to be had on the outskirts of the more populated areas.

Land Price Per Acre: Larger Parcels

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Costa Rica also has great options for developers looking to build something magnificent or even just develop and subdivide lots to sell to individual buyers.  This is exactly what we’ve spent the past few years shopping for, and we just found the perfect spot in Dominical, a rapidly growing beach town that’s featured in a later chapter.

Do you want to know where the #1 place to live and invest in the Latin Tropics is?

Here’s a hint: it’s in Costa Rica.

In fact several of the Top 57 are in Costa Rica, but there are others in Nicargua, Panama, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras and El Salvador.

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