Jaco, Costa Rica

jaco costa rica

The closest beach to the capital of San Jose, Jaco is also one of Costa Rica’s most frequently visited.  The area is well-developed with plenty of consumer options, like banks and health clinics, as well as world renowned surfing.

In addition to its coastal water sports, Jaco also boasts numerous inland rivers and streams where residents and tourists can enjoy white-water rafting and hiking to a number of impressive waterfalls.

Because it is a huge tourist draw, Jaco is also known for its nightlife and party scene, which does include some drug activity and prostitution. However, in the hours leading up to 10 p.m., the town is quite relaxing and laid-back.

Survey Size

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As you can see, we were able to review a lot of listings in the Jaco area.  The bars show the total value of all the inventory on the market, and the line shows the number of listings that represents.  You’ll notice there are a lot of condos for sale in Jaco.

Median Prices by Property Type

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As is common, you can expect to pay more for a single-family home in Jaco than a condo.  Due to the high level of development and relative scarcity of land, vacant lots in the Jaco area come with a rather high price tag.

jaco costa rica

Median Home Prices & Price per Bedroom

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Since our median price for homes and condos is only the midpoint for properties that range greatly in size, you can use this average price per bedroom to see what you could expect to pay for the number of rooms you’re hoping to have in your dream home.

Land Price Per Acre: Large Parcels

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Because Jaco is so developed, it isn’t the place for real estate developers or investors to expect to find a bargain on a large tract of land. You’ll see in the above chart that the median price for tracts of land is almost $1 million.

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Land Price Per Acre: Lots

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Likewise, lots for building homes in Jaco are also on the higher side.  However, they’re still a small price to pay for the level of development and amenities, not to mention natural beauty, that the town offers.

Real Estate in Jaco, Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Exclusive Luxury Condo Residences & Hotel with 5 Star Amenities. Ideally located in the heart of Jacó Beach. Providing the greatest value on the Pacific, Each...
1.0 beds
1.0 bath
Jaco, Costa Rica Latitude: 9.617735
Longitude: -84.623867
Costa Rica
Oceanfront Home on World Class Beach break!!! The house is built with all natural stone, slate and granite throughout. Stained glass windows and fine Costa Ric...
Single Family Home
7.0 beds
6.0 bath
Jaco, Costa Rica Latitude: 9.56153
Longitude: -84.58462
Costa Rica
Enjoy stunning views of the Pacific waters from your beachfront condo in Jaco, Costa Rica. Located on the south end of Jaco beach, home to some of the most popu...
2.0 beds
2.0 bath
Jaco, Costa Rica Latitude: 9.602836
Longitude: -84.621104
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