Quepos, Costa Rica

quepos costa rica

Once a town solely dependent on banana plantations, Quepos now relies mostly on tourism to keep its economy going.  Most visitors come for the fantastic sport fishing, particularly marlin, however there are a number of other attractions in and around the town.

Also nearby are the Butterfly Botanical Gardens, the Damas Estuary and Caves, and some great places for white-water rafting and horseback riding.  Beach goers will find easy access to Manuel Antonio and its national park.

With plenty of restaurants, supermarkets, a hospital, a post office, and more, Quepos makes a great jumping off point for adventure throughout the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica.

Survey Size

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Here you can see the total of all the current listings in Quepos, as well as the number of listings available in each category.

Median Prices by Property Type

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This chart shows the median price for each type of property in Quepos.  However, there’s still a wide range of listings available in each category, so that price can fluctuate depending on a number of variables. This number is merely the midpoint of that range.

quepos costa rica

Median Home Prices & Price per Bedroom

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Size is one example of a factor that influences cost.  Given the average price per bedroom, you can get a good idea of what you could expect to pay for the size of the home you wish to purchase.

Land Price Per Acre: Large Parcels

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For developers looking to take advantage of the growing tourism industry in and around Quepos, there are large parcels of land for sale. While the median price is $1.4 million, that’s a bargain at only $8k per acre.

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Land Price Per Acre: Lots

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Lots in Quepos are affordable with a median price of just over $100k per acre.  Due to the large number of tourists who frequent the area, it would make a great place to build a home that could also double as a rental to generate income.

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