Samara, Costa Rica

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Located on the Nicoya Peninsula, Samara is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful and safest beaches in Costa Rica, with its pristine white sand and sparking turquoise water. This, combined with its tropical flora and laid back lifestyle make it an ideal paradise for some.

In the village you’ll find all the services you need.  The coast offers plenty of water activities, like sport fishing, snorkeling, and perfect swimming conditions.  Bird watching is another popular pastime.

Samara is easier than ever to access, with regional flights from Nosara, regular buses from the nearby large cities, and the newly constructed Highway 150 from Nicoya.

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Survey Size

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There’s a fair amount of property for sale in Samara.  Here you can see the number of listings we surveyed in each category, as well as the total inventory for sale.

Median Prices by Property Type

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Given the attractiveness of Samara, particularly among wealthy Ticos, you might be surprised by how affordable its homes are.  With a median home price of $335k, much less for condos, homes in Samara are much cheaper than many comparable beach towns.

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Median Home Prices & Price per Bedroom

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You can see that the median home price breaks down to just under $125k per bedroom (under $90k for condos).  Given that information, you can estimate what you might expect to pay based on the size of the home you’re looking for in Samara.

Land Price Per Acre: Large Parcels

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For anyone looking to develop land in Samara, or merely hold it as an investment, the median price for large parcels of land is $375,000. That’s a great deal, averaging only $12,987 per acre.

Land Price Per Acre: Lots

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Lots for building a single family home are quite affordable, with a median price of only $120,000 for a small lot.  At that price, you could customize your dream home and still likely spend less than the average for a home already constructed.

Real Estate in Samara, Costa Rica

Costa Rica
Oh la la Restaurant is a staple in Samara’s Culinary Scene. Current operator is offering to sell his lease and all existing furniture, fixtures and equipment ...
2.0 bath
Sámara, Costa Rica Latitude: 9.8817682
Longitude: -85.5281353
Costa Rica
Two lovely homes located in a very desirable area; a quick walk to the beach and "downtown". This is the perfect opportunity to live and in one house and rent t...
Single Family Home
6.0 beds
4.0 bath
Sámara, Costa Rica Latitude: 9.8832145
Longitude: -85.5342729
Costa Rica
Looking for a newer home with fantastic mountain views, just minutes from the beach? This is the home for you! Constructed in 2014, with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths ...
Single Family Home
4.0 beds
3.0 bath
Sámara, Costa Rica Latitude: 9.911176
Longitude: -85.530519
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